Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Out With the Resolutions in 2010...

This year Kate and I set out to create some "goals" (not resolutions - those get broken by mid-January). We spent a couple days building our lists and then set aside a night in front of the fireplace to share them and plan for the future.

Here's a few of my goals:

- save up 6 months living expenses

- finish recording the "parables e.p."

- build a freshwater well (funded solely from my touring & CD sales)

- finish & print my book, "Outsourcing God"

- book a speaking engagement discussing, "Outsourcing God"

- schedule & plan a family vacation and a backpacking trip for Kate and I

- say the word "need" less - work on understanding/living the difference between "want" & "need"

That's my list. I'll give you updates from time-to-time as to how I'm succeeding or failing. Feel free to share your goals/resolutions. And feel free to hold me accountable - i'm sure i'll need it!


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