Monday, March 9, 2009

Church Song

So last week I wrote this little number. To really "get" it though, you need to enter into the mystical idea of us "being" the church, not us attending or going to church. After all, we are called to be the hands and feet. And as ambiguous as this might seem, I believe it to be both symbolic and physical. We can be the actual hands and feet of Jesus - symbols of Jesus, but also the reality and tangible element of Him.

So with that type of mindset, imagine a song. It could be a smattering of lyrics and poetry set to chords that you may enjoy or not enjoy. Or, a song can be the words on your lips and the emotions and the spirit that embodies said lyrics and heard chords and melodies. It can be a congregated feeling and ushering of unity from a body of folks that agree and promise the words being sung.

With that idea, I offer you Church Song.

Church Song
(c) 2009 Ross Christopher

When there's loneliness abounding
And there's hate across the land
We are the church song

When the death of nations rise around us
And the world is stuck in war
We are the church song

When there's sickness and crying
And gnashing of teeth
We are the church song

And when there's sad eyes
In every man, woman, and child
We are the church song

So let us sing...

Cause we are the church song
the voice of the people
the cry for justice
salvation is near

Yeah, we are the church song

united and ready
peace in our bloodstream
and love on our tongues

We are the church song

We sing Alleluia,

songs of mercy

love in every breath

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