Friday, March 13, 2009

Dad & Cora Fun Day

Today, Friday, is my day off. That means that it's Cora and Dad day.

Last week it consisted of breakfast, a trip to the conservation department, then donuts...donuts!

That's tough to beat.

Today, we had eggs and a banana for breakfast, then we took off for the Powder Valley Conservation Dept. Cora loves all of the taxidermy, displays, helicopter, videos, turtles, etc. After that I thought it'd be fun to go get bird feeder supplies.

We grabbed a cute little bird feeder, some bird food, and a stand (just Cora's size). When we got home we set it up and put the bird food out. I'm not sure how quickly birds realize there's food they smell it...see it...?

Welp, now we wait...

-Ross & Cora

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