Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What the Hades is Going on in Washington???

**WARNING, you may not like what you read**

On Monday, every news headline screamed that AIG lost $62 Billion in 3 months, and still Washington sends them yet another $30 BILLION CHECK - that's $30B ON TOP of the $150B we've ALREADY sent them - that's taxpayer money (hints "we've")- taxpayer money given by a candidate and president that vowed not to raise taxes - so how do we pay for this if not by more taxes - make any sense to you??? As of Monday night, the poll asking if Washington should send AIG the additional $30B said, 82% NO. But the administration must know that, they promised to use technology to better understand the country and hear from its constituents, not merely the voices of Washington.

The DOW plunges below 7,000; the lowest its been in 11 years, but this bailout stuff is sure to work, and FAST (in case you didn't catch that, I was being facetious).

Obama vows NO EARMARKS (it was a highlight of his campaign promises, a highlight at his address to congress, and a constant theme in his countless speeches on tv and online), but instead signs in 8,570 of them. Here's a quote from him regarding the stimulus bill, "There are no earmarks in the stimulus bill." If he were under oath, he would be held for perjury. But quotes are lame, here's a video in case you've forgotten. (by the way, just because you say it over and over and over, doesn't mean its the truth - but somehow, everyone bought it)

Washington signs into law nearly $2 Trillion between the spending bills and TARP funds (1 trillion of which has been spent in the 1st 6 weeks of his presidency - the largest sum of money EVER spent EVER by an administration EVER), and 2 sentences later in his speech, says "shame on the governent mentality of spending what you don't longer can we spend now and pay later"...he's promised to cut the deficit in 1/2 in his first term...i don't know what you call this other than delusion? But its amazing he can speak for and against the exact same thing, in the same speech, and get almost no criticism for it. I am baffled! Kate will vouch for me, I literally push pause on the DVR and ask if she just herd what he said.

Last week, Eric Holder (Attorney General) said that America was a nation of cowards based on our maintained racial prejudice. That even though the workplace is more integrated now, on the weekends and in our church congregations we continue to foster a rigid and old-school segregation mentality. But didn't Obama go to Trinity in Chicago (an unabashed and proclaimed, Afro-central, congregation) for over 20 years? I'm dumbfounded at the double speak coming from this administration and not hearing a single critical question from the media! Its a consistent stream of finger pointing, and shaming everyone except administration officials. Apparently we're too racist, we don't pay enough taxes (and by doing so we're being most patriotic), we bought homes we had no business buying...then again, I've never attended our President's church like Chicago's Trinity, I've always paid my taxes in full and on time (and yet I'm not even a contender for a cabinet position), and didn't get into a house I couldn't afford, even though President Obama when back in Chicago was the leading writer on the law that mandated banks make these risky loans.

Washington is rewarding failure and bad behavior like I've never seen; not only through the bailouts that ignore the responsible parties, but through cabinet appointments of tax frauds and those that have employed illegal housework and nannies. Its quite sad, don't you think?

Monday night a group of economists with Lou Dobbs of CNN said that the administration is completely ignoring the recession and going on with the democratic goals of the past few years.

He continues to say that by signing the stimulus, the democrats in Washington got their agenda through (fiscally and legislation), enabling hard-line, left wing, agendas to be signed into law that otherwise wouldn't have made it past the floor of congress had it not been crammed into this rushed, catastrophic stimulus bill. They went on to say that Washington is fudging the numbers to pass legislation.

This simply cannot happen. Its not right.

For the past 8 years, every Bush hater in the world said that questioning the president, protest, and debate were the highest forms of patriotism, and sadly, today, I see very few patriots.

I know he's popular. I know he's a great speaker and has all the charisma in the world. I even believe that he means well. But you cannot deny that he has lied to the American public over and over, and that the administration will do whatever it takes to market itself to push their agenda and pay homage to those that got them into office, even if it means saying one thing in one sentence, and rebutting it in the next, or completely editing out the facts ad their histories. I fear that if this doesn't happen, it might be 2012 before we experience the hope and change we were all promised.


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