Monday, March 2, 2009

No Line on the Horizon

Today, U2 drops their newest album, No Line on the Horizon. Do yourself a favor and go get it! I haven't heard anything from it yet, but i'm confident in saying it'll be worth your $12.

Speaking of buying stuff...

On Saturday, we took Cora to the West County Mall to play in the kids area. And despite the grim and catastrophic message coming from D.C. regarding the looming economic crisis, the place was packed. Cin-a-bon was pouring into the hall, Starbucks couldn't make a latte fast enough, the kiosks were backed up (even Croc's and Herstyles), the Apple store had a wait to get any help - you get the idea.

So what's going on here?

My perspective says the economy may be slower, but catastrophic?

Worst economy since the great depression?
I've seen the picture of the soup lines, the dust bowls, the people starving.

Something isn't right here. Either St. Louis, MO is an economic annomaly, OR we're not being told the truth...and in doing so, the grim dialogue of D.C. is making the stock market plummet, which have paved the way for massive government spending bills and oversight.

What are you guys seeing? Your thoughts are most welcome...



Brandon said...

well, AIG was planning an office party, and they ran out of money from the last payout. So this newest amount should cover it. It is probably going to be a nice party.

Phil and Lacy said...

I think people (aka idiots) are using credit cards to buy stuff really cheap. Because everywhere I go (maybe not cinnabon or starbucks, but clothing stores for sure) have signs that say 50-70% off, or buy 1 get 2 free. and yeah - not even close to the great depression. weird.