Saturday, March 28, 2009

What its like being a rock star...DAY 02

DAY 02

Well, today has to go better right? I kicked it off with a delicious trip to Scooters Coffee. Large coffee down and all is right in the world.
After that we caught a quick concert from an acappella group out of M.I.T. Wow, they were not good. After that, a quick concert from the Grace Univ. choir - they were good.

Once they finished, we headed out to a bookstore and I picked up Surprised By Hope by NT Wright. Excited to read it.

Tonight's show was at The Glacier in Omaha, NE. Super sexy venue! We played w/ a great singer/songwriter, Chris Saub. The house was brought down. If you're in Omaha, stop by The Glacier...awesome place!

Enjoy these pics.
Late night and load-out.

Ahhhhhhh, today was a breath of fresh air. I needed that breath.


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