Thursday, March 26, 2009

What its like being a rock star...

I don't have the foggiest. But I do have a time line of this mini-midwest tour. Enjoy!

DAY 01
8:01AM I depart from St. Louis for Lincoln, NE

8:15AM I stop for coffee and a donut at QT (my head said chocolate, but my heart said pink icing - always follow your heart)

11:38AM Refuel at QT in OakGrove, MO - gas and Rooster Booster Lite

12:12PM Stop by the Musicians Friend Outlet in KC and pick up a guitar stand

1:08PM Arrive in St. Joseph and pick up friend (drummer) Justin Amos and load up his gear

1:20PM We're back on the road

2:45PM Wonder which hwy we're supposed to turn on for Lincoln...turn on the GPS and realize we missed it 3.2 miles back, drive an additional 5 mies to the next exit, go back and try it again

2:58PM Now on the correct hwy, we make a gas and bathroom and RBL needs to go

3:50PM Arrive at the venue (The Box Awesome - Lincoln, NE) for
load-in and sound check. No one is here.

4:10PM No one is here.

4:20PM No one is here.

4:40PM No one is here.

4:55PM Aahhhh, the sound guy arrives! Load-in begins. (show starts at 6)
5:15PM No opening bands. (There should be 2...)

5:20PM No opening bands.

5:30PM No opening bands.

5:40PM No opening bands.

5:48PM Opener #1 arrives. Timeliness is not they're strong suit.

6:34PM The music begins. Staff and bands are present.

9:02PM Music is over. Staff and bands and 17 people have been rocked. Minds have been blown. Futures will never be the same.

9:05PM Load-out.
10:00PM Arrive in Omaha at Grace Univ. (great school and friends that put us up sans dinero...could be money or Robert)

10:15PM LATE dinner and concert at Old Chicago in the Market area. Very nice. Belly's fill and music soothes the ears. Chris Saub plays a beautiful 'Hallelujah.'

12:49AM Back to Grace Univ. Walked to our "room." We give thanks for their hospitality!

12:50AM There are no sheets, no towels, no pillows, and no heat in our little dorm.

1:15ishAM The discussions fade and we're asleep

2:43AM I wake up freezing and uncomfortable.3:19AM I wake up freezing and uncomfortable.

4:27AM I wake up freezing and uncomfortable.

5:00AM I wake up freezing and uncomfortable.

5:35AM I wake up freezing and uncomfortable.

6:11AM I wake up freezing and uncomfortable.

7:20AM I wake up freezing and uncomfortable.

8:26AM I wake up freezing and uncomfortable...This time I stayed up.

Day 02 begins...and I don't have a freakin' towel


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Melissa said...

The picture of you sleeping is simply pathetic. I can totally feel your frozen pain. Sounds miserable.