Sunday, April 19, 2009

Breaking the "Service" Mold

Think of your last church experience.

What did the worship service look like?

Let me guess...some singing, some preaching, a couple prayers, maybe communion. And that my friends is a "typical service" in the American church.

What if a worship service stopped being about singing our favorite songs in our preferred style or a preacher preaching at us for 15-20 minutes? What if the word "service" was an action, rather than something you attended? What if the church served, and that was it, that was the "service?"

Welp, that's what we did today at AWAKEN. Today we joined together to build packages for the House of Hope in Haiti that will be shipped this week.

We have a working relationship with HOH. I traveled there last October and spent a week with the kids there. And today, our worship service was hands on,




and maybe, just maybe, that's what EVERY week should look like...
(We're not quite there, but we try and make that the norm at least 1X p/month)


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