Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maundy Thursday

Today is reffered to as Maundy Thursday within the Church. It's passover week (holy week) to many and tonight specifically focuses on Jesus' servant leadership. When we think of great, powerful leaders, the last thing we think of is someone stooping to such a level that we'd actually wash another dude's feet (and we wear nice shoes and socks - imagine walking barefoot across the middle east - that's some nast feet!) But that's exactly where we find Jesus tonight.

This week we continually find Jesus leading out of weakness.

I heard holy week explained intersetingly this morning on the radio...This week is the "salvivic equivelant of Fox's 24." It's a real-time experience of Christ's last week here on earth. It's interesting that in the rest of the church calendar we don't follow the day to day journey of Jesus. But in this week we find the re-creation of earth, the kingdom being brought here and now - through the death and ressurection of Jesus.

Tonight is Maundy Thursday and I'll be experiencing the elements of The Last Supper (you know, like the famous DaVinci painting). I hope you too experience a life-changing holy week!

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