Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Many Faces of Cora Adair

Our little girl is growing up SO SO FAST! And more than anything, its exciting to see the changes and incremental nuances of how she's developing. You can watch her face and body language and see that she really "get's it." See what I mean...

#1...this is Cora interested and timidly closing in on whatever she is finding amusing. (in this case, its a black snake at the local conservation area)

#2...this is Cora saying, "Dad, look, I found the snake and I'm not 1/2 as scared of it as you are!" But inside I'm saying, "Cora, I'm wiser and have thought this whole snake thing through, long and hard, and yes they are terrible creatures. Just give it time and we'll condition the fear into you."

#3...Cora is telling the world how cool, mature, and magnificently brave she is...that her dad needs to sack-up and embrace the reptile world.

#4...Cora is destined to be a spy (a very cheerful spy). Here is her "sneaking up" pose as she quietly, and happy/enthusiastically stalks a goat.

#5...Here Cora is beside herself re-filling the new bird feeder in our backyard. She is a lover of life...a life-lover...and a feeder of birds...a bird-feeder (Ranger Rick would be proud - not to be confused with my uncle Rick, he collects Harley Davidson spark plugs...not cool Rick)

Welp, that's that for today. It wasn't long ago that Cora just tagged along for the ride. Now she drives the trip...what a great girl!!!

One proud Dad!

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Libby Schleichert said...

Hi Cora's Dad,
Love your blog. Thanks for the mention of the cool Rickster.
I have a Google Reader feed for all mention of him, the magazine, as I am an editor there. I really enjoyed reading yours. Does Cora get Your Big Backyard? She looks the right age for it - it's the NWF precursor to Ranger Rick Magazine. Happy to send you a few free copies. Lemme know.

Cheers to you,
Libby Schleichert, Senior Editor
Ranger Rick Magazine