Friday, April 10, 2009

Music Genome Project

My buddy Brandon always seems to be on the front edge of coolness before anyone else I know. Before ANYONE was talking about Napoleon Dynamite, Brandon was pumped to check it out. Before MUSE was selling millions of albums, Brandon had the CDs and got me hooked. The list goes on and on. Of course, he has had a couple doosies - American Splendor & Irreversible (this one might have ruined bits of my life).

But a couple months back he pointed me in the direction of PANDORA (the music genome project). Its an awesome FREE site that allows you to search an artist you like, then it continually plays similar artists. Its been great for me too, I'm an artist and a worship arts director myself. The constant pursuit of new and quality tunes can be daunting, but with Pandora, it significantly eases that task. No longer am I subject to 30 second clips on itunes or buying an album for 2 decent songs.

Anyway, check it out and

Thanks Brandon!

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