Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Questions I Need Answered...

#1...What's with horses? I understand people that raise them to ride them, to show them. Heck, even horse glue I get, but Elmer's isn't using horse meat in their glue anymore. But the guys that own horses and just fill field after field with them...what's that about? They're expensive. They eat a lot. What's it all about?#2...My dad brought me a grape cigar for Easter. Wow, it was like rolling a pouch of Big League Chew in some paper and lighting it up. Horrible. Absolutely horrible...what's up with that?#3...Today there are Tea Party's happening all over the country, and if you watch a lot of the news channels, there are protesters protesting the protesters. I get that you might not be enraged enough to attend one of these tea party's, but who is against paying LESS taxes?

Please comment your answers. I need to know your thoughts!


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